CCR?? Yes!! CloudClassRoom

 Hello everyone,

Hope you're all good!!

Today, I am going to share my views on Cloud Class Room. Sooo, let's first have a look at what is CCR, then we'll see how it works annnnd I'll end up by sharing my experience with you on the sofware.

What is CCR?

According to CCR's official website, this software was developed to transform smartphone devices into powerful interactive tools for classroom learning. CCR works on every Internet-capable device without further software or plug-in installation. It operates across platforms, including IOS, Android, and Windows. 

How it works?

Once the teacher connects his/her device to CCR, he/she can easily initiate anonymous quizzes. In addition to the traditional forced-choice answer format, CCR enables students to respond with short texts, pictures, or even emoticons. Students’ answers are automatically aggregated, in real-time, and analyzed, providing the teacher with a rough picture of student learning progress just in time.

My experience with CCR

I tried to create a quiz on Basketball using the software and honestly speaking, I found the website quite difficult to use (not so user-friendly). Also, I tried to set the language in English but it kept displaying Chinese or Korean or Japanese, well I don't reaaaaally know what it is exactly. You don't trust me? Just have a look at the picture below!

 By the way, learning Chinese or Korean or Japanese would not be a bad idea during this lockdown period. 

Anyway, one more problem I encountered with the software is that when I finished setting up my quiz I COULD NOT SHARE IT. And that made me sad.. How can you make me feel so sad? And why would you do that CCR? Why? Tell me Why? Ain't nothing but a heartbreak ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬. I guess I'm too emotional today. Just forget about that. 

SO. Buddies.

To conclude on CCR, I believe the intention behind the tool is quite ingenious but it lacks simplicity. 



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