Soo, let's Dojo, hohoho!!

 Hi there, 

I'm back, ready to introduce a new online tool to you guys and this one is a Classroom Management Software called Class Dojo.

So, before we tackle this, let's talk a bit on Classroom Management Software. This is a software used in classrooms whereby students' device usage is managed. To be clearer, teachers have the ability to see, manage and track students' device activities.

Most educators appreciate this great invention as it helps them monitor student work and eliminate distractions. They don't have to be worried about students being off-task.

And guess what? This is exactly what Class Dojo offers.

Being available on all devices, Class Dojo allows us to create as many virtual groups or classes we need. It also gives the possibility to communicate via a chatbox just like Whatsapp, without the exchanging of mobile numbers. Also, parents and teachers can share photos privately to each other which can actually help when evaluating the progress of the students and also improve their behaviour.

Moreover, one fun thing is that students get to create their own avatars. Amazing right?

Actually, Class Dojo is a useful tool to conduct interactive classes by saving time!

Sooo, let's dojo, hohoho. 


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